concrete block making machine QT6-15B

Concrete block making machine introduce

1.Detailed description:
1. QT6-15B Concrete block making machine use German Siemens Motor, this brand produce the best motor in the world, its lifespan is 1.3 times than that of common motor
2. Japan Mitsubishi PLC control system and Omron travel switch, man-machine interface, achieve dialogue and exchange between man and machine. Dozens of mechanical action of different products could be adjusted through the menu to select the addition and subtraction without needing professionals.
3. QT6-15B Concrete block making machine as a multi-purpose machine, exchanging mold can produce normal bricks, hollow bricks, multi-holes' bricks
4. QT6-15B Concrete block making machine scatter material through revolving 360 degree, this process likes to mix the material again after the mixer, the technology makes the blocks evenly and high density
5. Mould get heat treatment, use carburizing, antiwear ability is 1.2 times as the other mould
6. When pressing, the excess oil will be turned to Li Zhen-hit, and computer controlled directional vibration, frequency and brake to cancel the vibration energy 7. QT6-15B Concrete block making machine feeding in low-frequency, vibrating in high-frequency, and increasing in Head tanks. Table and Mould vibrating together will make concrete fully liquefied and exhausted in 2-3 seconds to achieve high-density and high strength, Particularly be suitable for the production of high-strength blocks, you can stack immediately after forming
8. Hopper installed a swing-type cutting device, it can put the materials into the molding box uniformly by adjusting the swinging fork 9. The host keeping material controlled by photoelectric, material that is used upon to avoid the impact of aftershocks, some concrete liquefied advanced.

2.QT6-15B  Main technical parameters
Dimension of host machine  2850×2200×2850mm 
Host machine power 32KW
Moulding area 800×600mm 
Vibration force 45KN
Moulding period 15-20S 
Capacity 91.55KVA 
The size of the pallet 940×830×20/25mm 
Mixer model JS750
Weight of the host machine 11.5T 
General water Consumption 8T/every day
Voltage 380V  

3.Production capacity
Size(LxWxH) Pcs/Mould    Pcs/ Hr Pcs/ 8 Hr
400X200X200         8     1200-1680 9600-13440
400X100X200         12     2160-2880 17280-23040
225X112.5X60        27     4050-4500 32400-36800
125X60              21     3150-3550 25200-29500
200X100X60          24     3740 29920
200X165X60          9     1450 11600
250x250x60          8    1200-1650 9600-10050

Product Origin: China
Model Number: QT6-15B
Brand Name: Dongyue

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