semi-automatic block making machine (DONGYUE)

semi-automatic  block making machine
 Manual Block Making Machine,concrete block machine,cement block making machine
QT4-24 block making machine,concrete brick machine,
1.with lower power
2.with competitive price
3.with best quality
4.produce many kinds of bricks just change the mould

(1) QT4-24 Main technical parameters
Dimension of host machine :2060×1730×1800mm 
Host machine power: 13.4KW
Moulding period :20-30S 
Vibration force :35.5KN
The size of the pallet: 850×550×40mm 
Capacity: 22KVA 
Weight of the machine: 3T 
Mixer model: JD350
Voltage: 380V  
(2)Production capacity

Size(LxWxH)  Pcs/Mould  Pcs/ Hr   Pcs/ 8 Hr
400X100X200 7                  630-840   5040-6720
400X150X200 5                 450-600   3600-4800
400X200X200 4                 360-450   2880-3600
400X250X200 3                 270-360   2160-2880
 3.Main Features:
(1)QT4-24 semi-automatic block making machine using the manual force control and jog control together, the operation is simple and efficient
(2))QT4-24 block making machine machine using four poles-oriented manner and ultralong orientation bear to  ensure the precise movement of the pressure head and mould;
(3)QT4-24 block making machine using the ultra strong steel and special welding techniques,it is strong and of high resistance to vibration
(4)QT4-24 block making machine is a multi-useful machine,which could produce road blocks, curb stones, blocks, hollow bricks and other shapes of different specifications of concrete products via changing the block mould
(5)QT4-24 block making machine using imported electrical appliances, sealing parts and parts of hydraulic components, the equipment's comprehensive performance is stable and reliable
(6)QT4-24 block making machine using mechanical drive, it is a collection of compact structure, easy maintenance, operation flexible and good reliability
(7) The products which produced by semi-automatic block machine are all of high strength, good density, good appearance,accurate size and regular shapes

Product Origin: China
Model Number: QT4-24
Brand Name: Dongyue

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